Mission Statement

Fueled by motorcycle riding and outdoor adventures, the company aims to provide quality and functional products that thrill seekers can use during their favorite activities. Whether customers enjoy hiking off the beaten path, camping off the grid, or simply being immersed in nature, the company's goal is to bring family and friends together while providing gear and clothing they love. Additionally, the company donates a portion of its profits to animal and veteran charities.

The company's logo, the Ivy Leaf, is derived from the U.S. Army’s 4th Infantry symbol, in which the husband proudly served. The Arrow represents the order in which the company lives its life, with loyalty and honor. This symbolism is highly significant and sentimental, as it reflects the husband's early years in scouting, which sparked a deep love for nature and wildlife. These two symbols embody the core values that the company instills in their daughter and have also driven the company towards entrepreneurship.

The company recognizes that life can be a hustle and a daily grind to pursue what brings joy. While profitability is important to stay afloat, finding a niche that carves a good foundation and drives creative nature is also crucial. Ultimately, the company aims to make a positive difference in the community and in people's lives, which is paramount in its business mission.